CEO Message

Allow me to express my sincere gratitude to our shareholders and investors for your continued support.

TechnoPro Holdings conducted an IPO on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on December 15, 2014. In the seven-and-a-half years since that time, we have built a solid position and foundation as Japan’s largest technology-focused solution service, owing much to the patronage of our clients and the support of our shareholders. Once again, allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude to you all.

I have been given the helm after our previous leader, Mr. Nishio, and I lead the group as we launched our new medium-term management plan starting from last fiscal year. I am committed to doing everything in my power to help us achieve our five-year plan, which focuses on our purpose and vision.

We have no plans to change our strategy, which has emphasized sustainable growth and value creation. Nor do we intend to change our basic policies regarding capital and financial strategies.

Basic Policy on Capital and Financial Strategies
  • (1)Maintain a dividend payout ratio of 50% or higher
  • (2)Achieve a return on equity (ROE) of 20% or higher
  • (3)Achieve sustainable growth in earnings per share (EPS)
  • (4)Maintain a debt/equity ratio (D/E) of less than 1
  • (5)Conduct management with an awareness of cost of capital, targeting return on invested capital (ROIC) and other disciplined measures

In addition to strictly adhering to corporate ethics, the Code of Conduct for officers and employees, and compliance with laws and regulations, we will strive to further enhance corporate value by pursuing a higher level of governance as a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market, strengthening our ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) system to enable sound risk-taking, and promoting business operations with an increased awareness of the environment and human capital.

The TechnoPro Group will continue to take on the challenge of solving problems for our clients and society through optimal technology services and solutions, aiming for growth and answering the expectations of our shareholders.

I ask for your continued support and guidance.

August 2022
Takeshi Yagi
Takeshi Yagi
President, Representative Director and CEO