CEO Message

TechnoPro Group is one of Japan’s largest technology-focused professional services and technologies consulting company. With more than 20,000 engineers and researchers, we have developed strong partnerships with major global companies, university laboratories and public research organizations. Our seasoned professionals in fields such as machinery, electrical/electronics, information systems, chemistry, biotechnology and energy enable us to deliver one-stop solutions for all kinds of technological needs that our clients have.

Increasingly intense global competition drives the shift of power relationships in industrial circles and urges all companies to continuously change with a view to the future. Our role is to be the fastest in our industry at providing clients with the best technical services to help weather these shifts.

Our mission is to help our engineers and researchers realize their dreams, to provide clients with high-quality professional services that surpass their expectations, and to contribute to a better society for all of our stakeholders—employees, clients and the public. In doing so, we hope to promote a prosperous future through the power of technology.

June, 2020
Yasuji Nishio
Yasuji Nishio
President, Representative Director and CEO