TechnoPro Group Code of Conduct

Based on the TechnoPro Group Purpose, we will practice corporate behavior in accordance with the following standards in order to continue to be a corporate group that can earn the trust of its stakeholders and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
This Code also sets forth the basic principles guiding our officers and employees in their day-to-day business activities. Our officers and employees shall strive to embody this Code through actions guided by Our Six Commitments for Excellence.

1. Contributing to a Sustainable Society Through Business Activities

1.1 Contribution Through Technology

  • We will provide technical services that contribute to sustainable economic growth and resolution of social issues with an accurate awareness of the needs of both our customers and society at large, by improving technical capabilities, accumulating knowledge and expertise, and promoting the distribution of technology both domestically and internationally, and among companies and industries.

1.2 Contribution Through People

  • We will contribute to the social and economic development through generating employment, fostering talent, and maximizing opportunities for engineers and researchers who are responsible for solving problems faced by our customers and by society.

2. Fair Business Practices and Appropriate Social Relations

2.1 Rigorous Compliance

  • We will maintain compliance with relevant laws and regulations inside and outside Japan, as well as with our internal rules, and conduct business activities in a sincere and sensible manner in accordance with social norms.

2.2 Fair Competition

  • We will maintain compliance with anti-monopoly laws, subcontracting laws, and other relevant laws and regulations inside and outside Japan, and we will not engage in unreasonable restraints on trade, including private monopolies and cartels, nor will we engage in business activities that impede free competition, nor engage in unreasonable abuse using a superior business position.

2.3 Prevention of Corruption and Crime

  • We will not be involved in acts of corruption or crime, including fraud, money laundering, illicit business transactions, or terrorism, and will take sufficient care not to allow ourselves to be used for such acts.

2.4 Prohibition of Bribery

  • We will not directly or indirectly provide, offer, promise, demand, or accept any money or other benefits for the purpose of obtaining any improper business advantage, whether inside or outside Japan.

2.5 Entertainment and Gifts

  • We will not provide or accept entertainment, gifts, or other economic benefits that exceed the scope of socially accepted norms with our business partners and other related parties.

2.6 Political and Government Relations, Donations and Contributions

  • We will maintain and build healthy and appropriate relationships with government agencies and public officials, and eliminate any behavior that might lead to suspicion of collusion.
  • We will prioritize the interests of society as a whole, and refrain from involvement or support of any particular political or religious affiliation.
  • When making donations or contributions to organizations, we will establish clear purpose and social significance, and ensure legal compliance and transparency.

2.7 Exclusion of Antisocial Forces

  • We will firmly reject any requests from antisocial forces or those who may be antisocial forces and ensure that we have no relationship whatsoever with these.

2.8 Prohibition of Conflict of Interest

  • We will not engage in any conduct that conflicts or may conflict with the legitimate interests of the TechnoPro Group.

2.9 Selection of Business Partners

  • We will select business partners appropriately by checking the stability of their management, the reliability and rationality of the services and products they provide, and their compliance with social responsibilities.

3. Effective Governance and Highly Transparent Management

3.1 Pursuit of Optimal Corporate Governance

  • We will make continuous efforts to improve the effectiveness of our corporate governance in order to achieve sustainable corporate growth and ensure sound and transparent management.

3.2 Proper Accounting Practices

  • In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, fair and reasonable accounting standards, and internal rules inside and outside Japan, we will practice proper accounting treatment and financial reporting, and develop and operate the internal control systems necessary to enhance their trustworthiness.

3.3 Information Disclosure and Dialogue with Stakeholders

  • We will accurately prepare and manage accounting records as well as information related to business activities and management, and disclose such information to our stakeholders in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • We will use the information and opinions obtained through constructive dialogue with stakeholders to enhance our corporate value.

4. Proper Handling of Information and Assets

4.1 Rigorous Information Management

  • We will ensure strict management of confidential information, specific personal information, and personal information for the Company, our customers, our business partners, and other parties in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and internal rules inside and outside Japan to prevent leakage, outflow, unauthorized removal, or inappropriate use.
  • We will ensure compliance with internal rules regarding information security, strive toward proper use of the Company’s various information technology, networks, recording media, and other resources, and take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access or intrusion from external sources.

4.2 Appropriate Collection, Acquisition, and Use of Information

  • We will use legal and appropriate means to collect and acquire the information necessary to carry out our business activities, and we will use the collected and acquired information only for legitimate business purposes.

4.3 Appropriate Management and Use of Assets

  • We will strive to appropriately manage all Company assets, both tangible and intangible. This includes efficient use and prevention of damage, loss, or theft.
  • All Company assets and expenses shall be used only for legitimate business purposes and shall not be used for personal gain or in an inappropriate manner.

4.4 Protection of Intellectual Property

  • We will protect trademarks, patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights owned by the Company, and we will respect and not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.

4.5 Prohibition of Insider Trading

  • In the event that undisclosed material facts about the TechnoPro Group or its business partners that may affect investment decisions are discovered, we will not engage in related stock or other transactions until such information is made public. In addition, we will not communicate such information to other parties, recommend transactions in related stocks, or take other similar action.

5. Respect for Human Rights and Diversity

5.1 Respect for Human Rights

  • In accordance with international norms regarding human rights, we will respect the basic human rights of all people and will not be complicit in human rights abuses.

5.2 Prohibition of Discrimination

  • We will not engage in unfair discrimination for any reason, including but not limited to nationality, race, age, place of birth, occupation, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ideology, creed, religion, disability, social status, or family origin.

5.3 Prohibition of Harassment

  • We will neither speak nor act in a way that constitutes harassment, nor engage in slander or defamation, nor act in other ways that would harm personal dignity.

5.4 Prohibition of Forced Labor and Child Labor

  • We will not engage in inhumane practices such as forced labor, child labor, or human trafficking.

5.5 Achieving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

  • We will respect the individuality, personality, and values of each of our officers and employees, as well as the diversity of gender, age, nationality, and other factors, and strive to enhance the vitality of our organization and to improve our corporate value by utilizing a broad range of talent.
  • We will strive to create opportunities for diverse human resources to play an active role in the Company by ensuring equal opportunities in employment, assignment, promotion, wages, evaluation, training, and other areas, for each and every officer and employee, regardless of gender, age, nationality, or other factors.

6. Creation of a Comfortable Work Environment and Increasing Engagement

6.1 Ensuring Safety, Hygiene, and Health

  • We will place the highest priority on ensuring the safety of our employees and maintaining a hygienic work environment, and strive to prevent accidents, including occupational accidents.
  • We will promote measures to support voluntary health management among our officers and employees to help maintain and improve their mental and physical health.

6.2 Achievement of Work-Life Balance

  • We will strive to achieve harmony between work and life through diverse and flexible work styles and improvement of work productivity and individual capabilities. To this end, we will work to create workplaces where diverse human resources can demonstrate their abilities and have job satisfaction, and promote human resource policies.

6.3 Building Positive and Sound Labor-Management Relations

  • Through appropriate communication based on the spirit of mutual trust and understanding, we will build positive and sound labor-management relations, which will serve as an indispensable foundation for developing the Company’s business and improving employee treatment.

6.4 Development of Human Resources and Improvement of Organizational Capability

  • We will proactively invest in human resource development to improve individual capabilities, technological competencies, and skills, factors that will lead to the growth of the organization and the Company. In this way, we will aim to create an organizational culture in which each employee can work in the TechnoPro Group with confidence and pride.

7. Coexistence with Society, Communities, and the Global Environment

7.1 Contribution to Global Environment Preservation

  • We will ensure compliance with domestic and international environment-related treaties, laws and regulations in the relevant countries, and conduct our business activities in consideration of the preservation of the global environment and ecosystems.
  • Through technologies, we will strive to contribute to resource conservation, efficient energy use, and reduction of environmental impact.

7.2 Contribution to Climate Change Action

  • Fully recognizing the importance of mitigating and controlling the risks of climate change, we will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve our ability to respond to energy balance shifts and related technological innovations.

7.3 Harmony with Society and Communities

  • We will respect the cultures and customs of each country and region, and as a good corporate citizen, we will strive to establish harmony with international society and local communities and work to resolve social issues through social contribution activities.

8. Establishing Implementation System

8.1 Role of Top Management

  • The presidents and directors of each company within the TechnoPro Group, in recognition that achievement of the Code’s ideals is their responsibility, shall take the initiative in establishing effective systems and educating and raising awareness for employees in accordance with the Code.
  • In the event of a serious violation of the Code, such as a violation of laws and regulations, we will, under the direction of top management, promptly investigate the facts, determine the cause of the incident, and work to prevent recurrence, as well as promptly and accurately disclose information and fulfill our accountability responsibilities, and take strict disciplinary action, including against senior management if appropriate.

8.2 Building a Sustainable Value Chain

  • We will strive to coexist and prosper alongside our business partners (including our customers and collaborative partners) by making requests, to the extent reasonable, that they comply with laws and regulations, respect human rights, make improvements to labor practices and health and safety, practice sustainable procurement, and conduct their business activities in consideration of the environment and other factors.

Published: April 27, 2012
Revised: September 29, 2021