TechnoPro Group Code of Conduct

The TechnoPro Group strives to be ethical and conscientious, thereby promoting the sound growth of our own organization and making a positive contribution to society. Accordingly, we have established the following Code of Conduct based on the TechnoPro Group Vision, our corporate philosophy. This Code of Conduct serves as one way in which we practice being a corporate group worthy of the trust of society. The TechnoPro Group establishes and strengthens relationships of trust with our stakeholders as we demonstrate our commitment to compliance and engage in good-faith corporate activities.

1. Full Compliance with Laws and Regulation

We comply with all related laws, internal company regulations, and other social rules in all business activities and in accordance with our Declaration of Compliance. We conduct our corporate activities in fairness and openness, acting ethically and with good sense.

1.1 Compliance with related Statutes and Regulations

We endeavor to identify and comprehend statutes that related to our business activities. We learn the underlying objectives behind and comply in good faith with the statutes, regulations, and internal company regulations established by national and/or regional governments that apply to our business activities.

1.2 Compliance with International Rules and National Statutes

We will develop mutual understanding and trust through good communication and decisive action, while at the same time showing respect to everyone, regardless of position or occupation.

1.3 Fair and Free Competition

We engage in fair and transparent business transactions, complying with antimonopoly statutes and other related laws in accordance with the principles of free competition. We do not engage in acts that hinder fair and free competition, including bid-rigging and collusion. Further, we do not engage in acts involving unfair business methods that leverage our position in a transaction to the detriment of another party.

1.4 Prohibition of Conflicts of Interest

We do not engage in acts to the benefit of an individual or third party to the detriment of TechnoPro Group rightful benefits, including activities that compete with TechnoPro Group business interests, working for competitor companies, etc.

1.5 Prohibition against Insider Trading

We do not trade in stocks or other securities in violation of statutes related to financial instruments.

1.6 Protection of Intellectual Property

We respect copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property, exercising due caution to avoid infringing on these rights. Further, we do not engage in acts that use unethical means to secure the non-public information of other parties.

1.7 Establishing a Healthy and Safe Workplace

We comply with labor standards laws, industrial health and safety laws, and other related statutes, endeavoring to ensure a safe, healthy workplace at all times. Further, we strive to create an enjoyable work environment through constructive engagement between management and labor.

2. Our Relationship with Society

We maintain proper relationships with society, governments, and other entities as a good corporate citizen, endeavoring to avoid mistaken impressions or distrust from society.

2.1 Stance Against Antisocial Forces

We stand resolutely against antisocial forces, unlawful forces, and organizations that threaten the social order and safety. We understand fully our responsibilities to society, and we reject any and all associations with antisocial forces.

2.2 Constructive Relationships with Governments and Government Officials

We follow prescribed procedures to acquire licensing and submit filings, never engaging in acts that may result in the loss of faith by society in our group. We do not provide entertainment or gifts to government or other public officials in conflict with public service ethics laws or other government agency regulations.

2.3 Entertainment and Gifts

We never use our business relationships to demand money, gifts, or other improper benefits. We do not permit the acceptance of entertainment and/or gifts that violate legal statutes or in excess of socially accepted norms.

2.4 Responsible Participation in Politics

Keeping the social interest and social justice foremost in mind, we do not engage in political manipulation, intimidation, compulsion, or excessive political involvement.

2.5 Prevention of Corruption

We endeavor to prevent bribery, conflicts of interest, fraud, money laundering, illegal commerce, and any other corrupt practices. Our board of directors is responsible for preventing corruption, and the board assess the risk of corruption within our businesses as appropriate.
We also ask our business partners to reject relationships with antisocial forces, to prohibit bribery, and prevent corruption in their business activities. We provide comprehensive education to our employees and management with respect to the prevention of corruption.

2.6 Coexistence with Local Communities

We strive to coexist with local communities, participating in and cooperating with activities that contribute to the sound development of the community, as well as to community comfort, safety, and security.

3. Appropriate and Highly Transparent Business Management

Our entire organization is committed to the proper management of our business with the aim of improving corporate value. We endeavor to conduct highly transparent business management.

3.1 Appropriate Accounting Practices and Internal Controls

We engage in appropriate accounting practices based on internal company rules, and we strive to structure effective internal controls to prevent corporate corruption.

3.2 Appropriate Business Transactions

We use common sense and good faith in our transactions with business partners, building sound relationships and engaging in appropriate and fair business transactions.

3.3 Information Disclosure

We believe the appropriate disclosure of business information is extremely important from the standpoint of building stronger relationships with our clients. We endeavor to exercise timely and appropriate information disclosure, including filings with government agencies. Through conscientious disclosure, we contribute to the ability of our shareholders, investors, and clients to make rational judgements.

3.4 Accurate Creation and Management of Information

We endeavor to create and manage accurate records related to the management of our business to aid in the timely and appropriate disclosure of information. We cooperate fully with internal and external audits and investigations.

3.5 Handling Confidential Information

We follow internal company rules for the proper handling of confidential information.

4. Respect for Human Rights and the Environment

We respect all basic human rights, including those of our clients and employees and management, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenants on Human Rights, and other international norms.
We avoid any complicity in the infringement of human rights, requiring our business partners to comply as well. Further, we conduct our activities with consideration to the global environment.

4.1 Respect for Rights

We respect the right of individuals and members of society to live lives of dignity, including the enjoyment of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom to participate in politics.
We respect the right of individuals to pursue happiness both mentally and physically, including choices related to work-life balance.

4.2 Prohibition of Discrimination

Human rights are a fundamental value recognized by the world community. We never accept discrimination or the violation of human rights for any reason, including gender, age, occupation, nationality, race, ideology, creed, religion, social status, or lineage.

4.3 Prohibition of Harassment

We do not engage in any acts of harassment, including words or acts that harm the dignity of an individual based on their sexual, occupational, or social background (sexual harassment or power harassment). We do not condone any words or acts that create an uncomfortable environment.

4.4 Handling Personally Identifying Information and Personal Information

To avoid infringing on the privacy of individuals, we follow all related laws, basic policies for the proper handling of personally identifying information, and basic policies for the protection of personal information. We pay careful attention to the management of personally identifying information belonging to customers and other individuals. We never use such information for any purpose other than that necessary to conduct our business.

4.5 Concern for the Global Environment

We believe we have an important responsibility to protect the global environment. Accordingly, we comply with all related statutes and regulations, acting in harmony with the global environment with concern for improving the environment.
We endeavor to prevent pollution due to other causes, engaging in initiatives to protect natural habitats and recover ecosystems.

4.6 Concern for Climate Change

We strive to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases, taking care to avoid or to minimize damage that contributes to climate change.

5. Contributing to Society through Employment and Labor

As a company deeply involved in human resources, we strive for the benefit of society, organizations, and workers through employment and labor.

5.1 Respect for Basic Labor Rights

We respect basic labor rights (freedom of association, collective bargaining rights, abolishment of forced labor, abolishment of child labor, abolishment of discrimination).

5.2 Human Resources Development

We help people grow by improving their talents and skills, providing opportunities for every individual to achieve their desired level of economic, social, and cultural lifestyle.

5.3 Contributing to Technological Development

We contribute to social growth by fostering human resources capable of technological development.

Published on April 27, 2012
Revised on September 1, 2017