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Our Business

The TechnoPro Group is the largest technology-focused staffing and service companies in Japan. As of the end of June 2019, we employed approx. 20,000 engineers, of which the majority are permanent employees with indefinite employment contracts and in stable employment. The TechnoPro Group focuses on major companies nationwide, dealing with over 2,000 customers in diverse fields including cutting-edge companies, university laboratories, public and private research institutions and public organizations. There is an abundance of opportunities to work in a variety of different ways, which is an attractive environment for engineers with a desire to ‘be involved in technology development in the field’ or ‘experience various jobs and improve their careers’. We provide high-quality and reliable services to customers by proposing the most optimal engineers and solutions.

The type of services we provide are: (1) For technical issues, by focusing on engineer dispatch we can provide technology development at our own development centers or at customer premises on a subcontracting basis, as well as provide technical consulting. Also, (2) to solve personnel issues, we can introduce highly skilled engineers through headhunting. In addition, (3) for cost concerns, we can propose services including nearshore services from domestic group companies, offshore services utilizing overseas group companies, and BPO services.

In addition, by building a management system that enables close information exchange between the headquarters and branch offices, we can continuously work to reduce compliance risk, not only at our company but also at our customers. We can also fulfill our responsibilities as a leading company in the engineer dispatch industry by providing information to our customers through compliance seminars.

Our Searvices

  • Proposals utilizing technical personnel services

    • Engineer dispatch
    • Subcontracting services
    • Technical consulting
    • Highly skilled engineer introduction
    • Domestic nearshore, overseas offshore, BPO
    • In-house training
    • Follow-up for existing customers

    • Compliance seminars
    • Dispatch law revision seminars
    • Dispatch business operational support
    • Dispatch study group