Corporate Governance Report and Compliance System

The Company has formulated and implemented the TechnoPro Group Corporate Governance Guidelines as part of its ongoing activities to ensure the best practices in corporate governance. We are enhancing our governance function and internal control system based on the belief that respecting the rights of shareholders, ensuring the fairness and transparency of decision-making, and maximizing management’s vigor are the essence of corporate governance.

As a holding company, we adopts a company with Audit & Supervisory Committee system under the Companies Act in order to strengthen the supervisory function of management by the Board of Directors, to enable prompt decision-making by delegating important business execution decisions to Executive Directors, and to facilitate strategic and in-depth discussions at the Board of Directors meetings.

At the same time, we adopts an executive officer system that allocates executive authority and responsibility for day-to-day business execution to Executive Officers in order to ensure flexible and efficient business operations. We also have in place a Nomination and Compensation Committee, which is solely comprised of Independent Directors Committee chaired by the Chief Independent Outside Director and Independent Outside Directors and are working to enhance management transparency and accountability.

Corporate Governance Report

Corporate Governance and Compliance System

As of September 28, 2023

Note:The Board of Directors is chaired by the chief Independent Outside Director. The Audit & Supervisory Committee is chaired by a full-time Director who is an Audit & Supervisory Committee Member. The Nomination and Compensation Committee is chaired by the chief Independent Outside Director. The Independent Officer Committee is chaired by the chief Independent Outside Director.

Corporate Governance ESG Data Book