Compliance Declaration


TechnoPro Group believes that the establishment of a robust and forward-looking compliance system is essential to ensure peace of mind for its clients. Maintaining and improving our compliance system will remain a constant management priority and we have thus established a department dedicated to implementing appropriate management processes in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Operational management related labor law

For TechnoPro Group, with its many human resources, maintaining a proper working environment for our labor force is not only a matter of course but an essential requirement for the sustainable growth of the company.
By establishing a specialized compliance department by building an original labor management system, the TechnoPro Group can carry out careful management of areas such as setting appropriate working hours and holiday and vacations, conducting health examinations, and providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.


We, the TechnoPro Group, fulfill our corporate social responsibilities on the basis of high ethical standards and in full compliance with laws and regulations.
We, the TechnoPro Group, shall develop our business to make a high level of social contribution and to be a company that is greatly involved in the employment of people through ‘the stabilization and expansion of employment, adjustment in the supply and demand balance in the labor/work force, and innovation in business structures’.
As both a market leader and as a good corporate citizen, we believe that transparency in management leads to the maximization of corporate value and that, through compliance with laws and regulations and by the disclosure of information, we can ensure that the rights and interests of all of our stakeholders, including our shareholders, customers, business partners, and employees, are truly respected.
We hereby swear to carry out our business operations with full and thorough execution of our compliance responsibilities, and to focus on corporate governance in order to fulfill our social responsibilities. In addition, each and every one of our officers and employees are fully belonging to the Group and have a sense of ownership, as being “my own personal issues,” of these considerations, and so we thereby aim to be a truly attractive company in that it is one that is capable of making a contribution to society as well as being one that has a strong sense of its corporate responsibilities and higher ethical standards.

Published on April 27, 2012
Revised on February 1, 2014

Compliance seminars

The rules companies should implement or recognize in relation to recruitment and labor management change to reflect social conditions, such as revisions to laws and regulations, trends in how they are interpreted and changes in worker awareness. The TechnoPro Group regularly holds ‘Compliance Seminars’ for customers and offers opportunities to share compliance related knowledge through lectures from lawyers and university researchers.

Eliminating Anti-Social Forces

The TechnoPro Group has no relationship with anti-social forces, including business relationships. From top management down, we cooperate as an entire organization with specialized external institutions to deal firmly with anti-social forces. Unfair demands from anti-social forces will be resolutely rejected and no nominal benefits provided.