CEO Message

 The TechnoPro Group has a vision of supporting engineers and researchers to realize their dreams, providing even higher quality services to customers and, in addition, contributing to the creation of a more wonderful society.
Based on this vision we have identified four important management topics which should be prioritized for supporting and enhancing value creation, “human resources,” “business,” “social responsibility,” and “governance.” Through these efforts we aim to achieve sustainable growth.

 Regarding “human resources” and the theme of “raising everyone’s potential,” we want to hone the abilities of engineers and researchers responsible for social innovation beyond the borders of specific industries and products, and realize what they want to become. To achieve this we aim to continue being the platform providing them with the greatest opportunity for demonstrating their capabilities. In addition, in response to the progress of diversity beyond gender, age, and nationality, as well as the personalization of life plans, we are promoting efforts to realize flexible and diverse working styles, beginning with the enhancement of education and training systems. The TechnoPro Group was approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2016 as a “TOKYO Work Style Reform Declaration Company,” and in 2020 was also certified as an excellent corporation in health management (large-scale corporate division). In addition we have initiatives not just for our employees but also for teaching the next generation of children the joys of science. We also hold career seminars for high school students.
 Regarding “business-related matters” and the theme of “contributing to society through the power of technology,” as a group of professional engineers we are always working to strengthen our technical capabilities and skills, providing new value to clients and society. Through collaborative research with universities, alliances with leading-edge companies in various fields and investments in venture capital associations, we not only accumulate our own advanced technology but also support basic research and the practical application of technologies beneficial to society.
 Regarding “social responsibility” and the theme of “being a trusted partner,” we conduct regular employee training to strengthen compliance and information security, as well as “compliance seminars” with expert and lawyer instructors for our clients. We also hold nature observation classes in collaboration with local governments and business partners, focused on environmental greening and the conservation of biodiversity. We will fulfil our responsibilities as a corporate citizen by recognising our responsibilities to various stakeholders including customers, employees, local residents and all our shareholders.
 Lastly, regarding “governance” and the theme of “being a sustainably growing company,” we recognize the need for sustainable growth and are taking responsibility for providing value to society through our business. We are working to strengthen the corporate governance function by building appropriate mechanisms for areas such as internal and external director selection, evaluating the effectiveness of the Board of Directors, and internal control system operation, as well as establishing an internal reporting system. In addition, in preparation for natural disasters and emergencies, we are formulating business continuity plans and conducting regular reviews through drills and other means.

 The TechnoPro Group wants to be a trusted partner by improving the skills and expertise of its personnel and continuing to provide optimal solutions to customers. At the same time as achieving sustainable growth, we will create social value through human resource development and return the results to our employees, society, and all our shareholders.

March 2020
TechnoPro Holdings Co., Ltd.
President, Representative Director and CEO
Yasuji Nishio
Yasuji Nishio