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Social contribution from technology

The TechnoPro Group, as a professional engineer group, constantly strives to improve its technical capabilities and skills, and to provide new value to customers and society. To that end, through joint research with universities, alliances with leading-edge companies in various fields and investment in venture investment associations, etc., in addition to accumulating advanced technologies, we support basic research and practical application of technologies that are beneficial to society.


We cooperate and collaborate with leading-edge technology companies in Japan and overseas and utilize our group network to provide high value added services to customers in both regions.

Development environment construction / operation support

With the increasing scale and complexity of embedded systems in automobiles, aircraft, medical equipment, robots, etc., the importance of model-based development (development by simulation technology) to shorten the development period and improve quality is increasing.
We have alliance agreements with dSPACE, the world’s leading company in this field, and Integration Technology, a RIKEN venture company. In building a model-based development environment for customers, collaborating companies provide support at the consulting and design stages, whilst TechnoPro Group mainly provides support and engineering at the implementation and operation stages, thereby offering high quality services to our customers.

Human resource development support

In the manufacturing and IT industries, many companies are facing a shortage of human resources due to a decline in young science personnel.
We have developed an educational curriculum for design and development engineers using O2 know-how in cooperation with O2, which provides consulting for design and development in the manufacturing industry. In addition to providing education and training curriculum for customers, we provide support for the development of design engineers by providing instructors as engineers from the TechnoPro Group.

Industry-academia collaboration

In collaboration with many universities aiming for social innovation through technology, we conduct joint research and development in various advanced research fields such as medical / biotechnology, AI, and drones.

Joint research with Toyohashi University of Technology

Toyohashi Probe, developed by Toyohashi University of Technology, is a needle thinner than a cell on a 1mm square substrate.
An ultra-fine neuron electrode made by vertically growing silicon. A brain measurement device that utilizes this technology has made it possible to measure and record cranial nerve activity such as that of mice over a long period of time while minimizing damage to the living body. Future research and market developments are expected to contribute to the development of various medical fields such as brain learning functions including humans and disease process elucidation, development of brain disease diagnosis systems and BMI (brain-robot interface). Technology. The TechnoPro Group is conducting joint research with the university to develop a brain science research method using the Toyohashi probe.

Other Joint researches with main universities

  • Tokyo University :Rehabilitation System for Children with Cerebral Palsy
  • Tokyo University :Development of Ultrasonic Medical Image Measurement System
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology :Development of a Cattle Monitoring System featuring Edge AI Technology
  • Nagoya University :Collaborative research on AUTOSAR Toolchain
  • Tohoku Institute of Technology :MEA recordings and analysis of human iPSC-derived neuron for drug safety and pharmacology in vitro
  • Doshisha University :A Comparative Study of Engineers’ Salaries in the United States and Japan.

Venture investment

We are investing in venture funds to support startups, especially those that are said to be R&D ventures.

Major investees

  • DEFTA Healthcare Technologies,L.P.
  • Drone Fund

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