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  • Notice Regarding Participation in the “Iku-Boss Corporate Alliance”; Improving employees’ work-life balance, supporting their careers and lives


Notice Regarding Participation in the “Iku-Boss Corporate Alliance”; Improving employees’ work-life balance, supporting their careers and lives

Mar 29, 2022

TechnoPro Holdings, Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; Takeshi Yagi, President, Representative Director and CEO) has joined the “Iku-Bosu Corporate Alliance” organized by Specified NPO Fathering Japan (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Tetsuya Ando, Representative Director) as part of its diversity promotion initiatives. The signing ceremony was held at the Company's headquarters on Friday, March 25, 2022.

(Left to right: Takeshi Yagi, CEO, TechnoPro Holdings;
Tetsuya Ando, Representative Director, Fathering Japan)

The TechnoPro Group’s Purpose states “Driving the Power of Technology and Talent to Co-create Value Together with our Customers for a Sustainable Society.” In order to realize a sustainable society, the Group has placed a high management priority on matters relating to human resources, particularly the equal opportunities to diverse personnel and the promotion of diversity, and has been making efforts to create a better working environment through various measures. We also have set KPIs for materiality as the promotion of the active role of women, mid-career hires, non-Japanese employees, and seniors, as well as the rate and number of male employees taking childcare leave, which is still low in Japan.
The executives and managers of the Group deeply understand that talents of various backgrounds working together in a considerate manner can bring better performance, and declare that they continue to be “Iku-Boss,” who support each employee not only in his/her professional career but also in life.

About Iku-Boss

An “Iku-Boss” is a manager or supervisor who has a great understanding of child-rearing, considers the work-life balance of his/her team members working together in the workplace, supports their career and life, improves organizational performance, and also enjoys his/her own professional and personal life.

About Iku-Boss Corporate Alliance

The “Iku-Boss Corporate Alliance” is a network of companies in Japan that recognize the great importance of the “Iku-Boss” who will be the ideal manager or supervisor of a new era, and are actively working on developmental initiatives including raising the awareness of their own manager-level personnel. More than 240 companies have joined the Alliance and the requirements for membership are as follows:

  1. Promoting diversity management actually or planning for future implementation,

  2. Seeking to change managers' mindset and to reform work styles for employees, and

  3. Demonstrating top management’s understanding and commitment to 1. and 2. above as a management strategy.

Through regular meetings and events, the Alliance presents case studies and exchange information with each company.
For more information, please visit: https://fathering.jp/activities/iku-boss.html(Japanese text only)