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  • TechnoPro, Inc. Signs BPM Partner Agreement with NTT DATA INTRAMART, Enhanced Human Resources Training for Low-Code Development to Promote Corporate DX on a Nationwide Scale


TechnoPro, Inc. Signs BPM Partner Agreement with NTT DATA INTRAMART, Enhanced Human Resources Training for Low-Code Development to Promote Corporate DX on a Nationwide Scale

Oct 26, 2021

TechnoPro Holdings subsidiary TechnoPro, Inc. (Tokyo; Asai Koichiro, president and representative director) has signed a BPM partner agreement with NTT DATA INTRAMART CORPORATION (Tokyo; Yoshihito Nakayama, president).
TechnoPro, Inc. is a core entity within the TechnoPro Group, and is one of the largest companies in Japan’s technology-focused staffing and service industry. The company boasts more than 17,000 engineers and researchers, mainly in the mechanical, electrical, and information systems fields. TechnoPro IT Company, the main party to this agreement, is a TechnoPro, Inc. in-house company specializing in software outsourcing. Through this agreement, the two companies will expand their customer bases and support digital transformation (DX) by providing solutions optimized for each customer.

DX White Paper 2021*1, published by IPA, compares DX initiatives among companies in Japan and the United States. According to the white paper, companies in Japan tend to lag far behind their U.S. Counterparts in the move to digitization (conversion of analog and physical data into digital data). The implementation of DX requires a steady shift to paperless and other forms of digitization. The TechnoPro Group has engaged in advanced efforts to digitize its own business operations through intra-mart® for some time. TechnoPro, Inc. intends to leverage the TechnoPro expertise in intra-mart and add the technology as a new service within the company’s DX solutions, aiming to create new customers as well as proposals for the service to existing customers.

Intra-mart is a digital process automation platform*2 owned by NTT DATA INTRAMART for low-code development to achieve full digitization and automation for business processes. The software has been installed by more than 8,200 companies to date, and NTT DATA INTRAMART has been the No.1 company in the domestic workflow market for 14 consecutive years*3. Meanwhile, TechnoPro IT operates 31 sales offices and nine development centers throughout Japan, supporting customers based on their feedback regarding individual needs through on-site development and contract development performed by highly skilled engineers.

Through this partnership agreement with NTT DATA INTRAMART, TechnoPro IT will increase the number of low-code development engineers on staff by 90 professionals in five years. This agreement will also contribute to full-scale DX implementations through a nationwide network of offices that provide customers with low-code development platforms (IT platforms) and business process automation tools that use the latest technologies such as AI and RPA.

*1. DX White Paper 2021, Information Technology Promotion Agency, Japan [available only in Japanese]

*2. The Digital Process Automation Platform facilitates end-to-end digitization and automation of business processes. The platform accomplishes this task through a review of all business operations within an enterprise, optimizing and linking these processes with new digital technologies such as RPA and AI, as well as various other development components. By consolidating various business systems as a common system platform, intra-mart makes it possible to quickly and easily digitize business processes and achieve a progressive enterprise-level digital transformation.

*3. Packaged Solutions Marketing Handbook and The New Software Business Market 2011-2021, Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc.

About TechnoPro IT Company (TechnoPro, Inc.)

With 20,000 engineers and researchers in Japan and 2,000 overseas, the TechnoPro Group provides a variety of technology-focused services, including engineer dispatch, contracted and outsourced development, technical consulting, and domestic near-shore and overseas off-shore services across every technical field required by industry. TechnoPro IT Company specializes in software as an in-house company of TechnoPro, Inc., a core entity of the TechnoPro Group. Through this BPM partner agreement, the TechnoPro IT aims to bolster its menu of services for existing customers, as well as attract a new base of customers.


NTT DATA INTRAMART CORPORATION mainly develops and sells the commercial framework product intra-mart for constructing web systems. Since 1998, the unique systems development framework, business components, and application series planned and developed by NTT DATA INTRAMART have been introduced to over 8,200 companies as of the end of March 2021. The company provides total solutions, which cover system construction, consulting, education, and operations support through more than 200 partners.