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Notice Regarding Issuer Rating

Jul 20, 2020

TechnoPro Holdings, Inc. hereby announces that it newly received the following issuer rating from Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (“R&I”).

1. Details of Rating

Type of Rating Rating Outlook
Issuer Rating A- Stable

For more information about the rating definitions and rationale, please visit the R&I website.

2. Announcement Date

July 20, 2020

3. Reason for Taking Issuer Rating

TechnoPro Holdings Inc. has received a third party assessment for its business activities and financial conditions in order to enhance managerial transparency and improve external creditworthiness. In addition, this issuer rating will enable TechnoPro Holdings Inc. to secure diverse and stable financing sources with emphasis on the cost of capital, thereby it will obtain the ability to carry out flexible funding in preparation for the expansion of its business foundation or the unexpected changes in business environment.

Note: This document is provided for informational purpose only. If there are any discrepancies between this and the original, the original Japanese document prevails.