Training Policy for Directors

The Company has established the "Training Policy for Directors" as described below with the aim to have its executives fulfill their duty, including legal responsibilities as well as those entrusted by shareholders.

  1. Newly appointed Directors (including Outside Directors; the same applies hereinafter) are provided explanations concerning the following Group matters within approximately two months of appointment, by the Company’s CEO, a Director and/or an Executive Officer of the Company or the Company’s subsidiary (hereinafter referred to as "the Group") appointed by the Company’s CEO.
    1. (1)Trends in our business and environment
    2. (2)The Group’s history, management philosophy and business overview
    3. (3)The Group’s management strategies, medium- to long-term business plan, budget plan
    4. (4)The Group’s managing status and financial health
    5. (5)The Group’s corporate governance system, internal control policies and organizational operation structure
    6. (6)Other important matters pertaining to the Group
  2. Depending on the experience and knowledge of the newly appointed Director, the Company will provide training opportunities related to the following matters and will provide support for expenses related to training.
    1. (1)Finance/accounting, corporate finance
    2. (2)Laws and regulations related to Companies Act, corporate governance
    3. (3)Compliance
    4. (4)Other content the CEO have deemed to be a requirement
  3. In particular, persons who are promoted to the position of Executive Director will be provided training opportunities focusing on the following matters to develop their skills and qualifications, in addition to provide explanations, as necessary, on each of the matters under paragraph 1, training opportunities as noted in paragraph 2. The company will provide support for expenses related to training.
    1. (1)Business management conceptualization from Company-wide, Group-wide, mid-to long term and strategic perspective
    2. (2)More advanced leadership and implementation skills
  4. Additionally, the Company will provide appropriate training opportunities during the term of appointment for the Director to constantly update the knowledge used in his/her respective role. The Company will also provide support for expenses related to training.
  5. Training opportunities noted in paragraphs 2 to 4 refer to those designated by the Company’s CEO.