Internal Audits and Internal Reporting System

Internal Audits System

TechnoPro Holdings, Inc. defines Internal Audit Regulations related to internal audits of the Company and TechnoPro Group companies conducted by the Internal Audit Department to verify the propriety of accounting, operations, and compliance, as well as to prevent fraud and error. At the same time, the Internal Audit Department provides advice about the preservation of corporate assets, management streamlining and operating efficiency improvements, as well as suggestions for financial performance growth, conducting internal audits that contribute to better corporate management.

Internal Reporting System

We have established an Internal Reporting system to promote the prevention and early discovery of compliance violations and to ensure rapid and efficient responses in the event of an incident. We also reflect feedback from employees involved in compliance in management decisions. Under the Internal Reporting system, we have established a consultation desk run by an outside attorney who is independent of the Group's management members. This arrangement allows the system to be used anonymously. Also, it is explicitly stipulated in the internal rules that no one will be treated unfavorably as a result of reporting.

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