Main Business

Dispatching of engineers business

The TechnoPro Group will strive not only to raise the quantitative indicators for engineering staffing services which is our core business, but also expand it in a qualitative sense. By strengthening our training functions for engineers to grow, our engineers can improve their quality and contribute to the society with the technologies that meet the needs of the current trend.

Examples of projects of our core business;

  • MBD Development project for connected cars
  • Next-generation payment network building project for payment platform operators.
  • Designing and programming of learning packages for universities
  • Cancer research in early drug discovery research department of a pharmaceutical company such as analyzing and screening of compounds
  • Management of a re-development construction project of station premises

Solution Business

By understanding the fast-growing demand of digitalization due to the advent of the ‘new normal’, we offer the best fit solution to support our customers so they can solve various technical challenges by combining the digital and the traditional technologies owned inside/outside the TechnoPro Group. By establishing COI, Center of Intelligence, of which aim is to assess and understand the trend of technologies, solutions and the market trend of both Japan and around the world, we will formulate group solution business strategies that can be applied globally. We will also use COI for our M&A strategies and selecting alliances while we seek organic growth at the same time.

<Examples of Projects;>

  • Manufacturing company
    Service offered: Building products manual management system and make it cloud-based.
    Technology area : Public Cloud, AWS (Amazon Web Service)
  • Pharmaceutical Company
    Service offered : Modeling and docking simulation of antibody
    Technology area: AI/Data Science (Material Informatics Solution: Resource development support)
  • Housing Maker
    Service offered : Construction of a new office building
    Technology area: Designing, architecting, implemental designing, BIM model creation, construction drawing creation

Engineer Training Business

As we have developed our own training curriculum and materials for engineers, we are planning to offer them to the external entities and individuals. This new business that is derived from our core business will bring us a new stream of revenue to expand.
As we grow this engineer training business as one of our business pillars, we hope to contribute to the situation of Japan where a shortage of those has been long cited.

DX Promotion Business

We are going to promote DX of huge data of hiring, training, working experience, skill-up status that are the elements in our core business. Engineers’ technological skills vis a vis market price data, effectiveness of educational training, engineers’ life cycle data from hiring to retiring are stored and analyzed comprehensively. This will improve engineers’ work efficiency and optimize their Life Time Value. This knowhow could be useful not only for our human staffing services but also for many other external entities. We will create a business model to offer them to our customers in a medium-long term.
As practical measures;

  • We will lead engineers to the right positions which match their market value by correctly understanding the skill data of individual engineers.
  • We will propose appropriate training programs and/or reskilling programs based on individual engineers.

TechnoPro Holdings Inc. was selected as a Digital Transformation Certification on June 1st, 2021.