Development and support for the next generation

In order to provide real-world career guidance that cannot be covered in school education, the company has been planning and running special career classes for middle and high school students since 2018, as well as sponsorship of "Koshien Science Championship" for high school students and the "Junior Koshien Science Championship" for junior high school students organized by the National Institute of Science and Technology Agency, and partnership agreement with Waffle, a non-profit organization that encourages the advancement of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields, among others.

For students

Koshien Science Championship
Junior Koshien Science Championship

In 2011 Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) established the ‘Koshien Science Championship’ for high school students and the ‘Junior Koshien Science Championship’ for junior high school students, in an effort to ‘increase the number of science enthusiasts and grow the number of top scientists.’ It holds prefectural and national tournaments annually. Science loving pupils form teams and compete in a number of fields within science, mathematics, and ICT. There are currently more than 700 high schools nationwide participating in ‘Science Koshien Championships.’ The TechnoPro Group has been participating in planning these initiatives as a collaborative partner since 2017.

Mono-Coto Innovation

‘Mono-Coto Innovation,’ headed by CurioSchool, Inc. and sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, consists of junior and senior high school companies collaborating with companies and across generations to create as yet unseen breakthrough ideas and prototypes, and in the process compete in problem discovery, problem solving, and originality. The TechnoPro Group is in accordance with the vision of this initiative and endorses its activities.

Special career classes for high school students

In Japan, many young people make the important career choices between ‘Humanities’ or ‘Sciences’ when they are in their first year of high school, but end up deciding based on the subjects they like or dislike and whether their grades are good or bad. In some cases there is evidence of insufficient information about work or career plans.
The TechnoPro Group works with a number of high schools to help with some of their career guidance lectures and to support future career choices.

Partnership Agreement with Waffle Inc.

TechnoPro Holdings has concluded a partnership agreement with Waffle, a general incorporated association that promotes the advancement of women in the STEM field.

About Waffle
Waffle is a non-profit organization that aims to close the gender gap in the IT field. It offers "Waffle Camp," an online IT course focusing on coding, to middle and high school girls and other students in Japan, supports "Technovation Girls", and holds various events in collaboration with companies. The purpose of its activities is to unleash the potential of women through education and empowerment in the field of technology.
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For children of elementary school age and below

TechnoPro Kids Science

As an opportunity for elementary school students to experience the joys and wonders of science, we hold ‘TechnoPro Kids Science,’ which conducts various scientific experiments at elementary schools in each region.
In collaboration with local PTAs and Boards of Education, TechnoPro Group engineers act as teachers and conduct experiments using chemicals, electricity, heat, and magnetic force. These experiment classrooms are operated in a hands-on format, where each child does not just watch, but actually physically operates the experiments with their own hands and body.

For overseas children

Participating in the Picture Book Delivery program

  • Provided by Shanti Volunteer Association (©Yoshifumi Kawabata)

The Shanti Volunteer Association adds local language translation stickers to Japanese picture books so that children can read them, and delivers them to elementary schools in various countries and regions such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and other Southeast Asian areas. The SVA has operated the book delivery campaign since 1999.
The TechnoPro Group endorses this activity. As well as donating picture books, employees participate as volunteers in sticking on the local language stickers. Employees produced picture books with their families at our headquarters in Roppongi Hills.