TechnoPro Group believes that the establishment of a robust and forward-looking compliance system is essential to ensure peace of mind for its clients. Maintaining and improving our compliance system will remain a constant management priority and we have thus established a department dedicated to implementing appropriate management processes in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

To ensure high standards in day-to-day work, all employees are made aware of the importance of compliance to the success of our business. Employees undertake annual training to improve their understanding on matters of compliance and the relevant laws and regulations, before undertaking dispatch, contract assignment/commissioned work, or consulting work.

We also conduct practical training programs using texts and manuals we create ourselves, drawing on the many years of experience we have developed in our position as a technology-focused staffing and services company.

Information Security

TechnoPro Group is firmly committed to information security and privacy and conducts comprehensive training to ensure that all employees possess a high level of understanding of information security and recognize its importance. Where employees are contracted to work onsite at a client’s place of business, they receive additional education and training to ensure that they comply with the client’s in-house information security rules. In addition, TechnoPro Group has strict operational regulations in place at each group company to ensure that the personal and confidential information of our clients is protected and information leaks are prevented.


At TechnoPro Group, we recognize the importance of conducting our business in harmony with the natural environment. TechnoPro group companies comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and, by implementing programs to conserve resources, reduce waste, and prevent pollution, actively seek ways to minimize their environmental impact and the risks to the communities in which they operate.

TechnoPro Group’s CSR committee, formed by members of the group’s top management, is responsible for planning and driving these environmental initiatives. We firmly believe that a proactive approach to the environment that both protects our planet creates better value for our clients, partners, and society.